DIY Wedding Flower Success

Everything you need to know to have DIY wedding flower success.

This course walks you through every step of the way and covers all you’ll need to know to achieve gorgeous wedding arrangements yourself.


I’ll walk you through the process of setting a budget, picking out your flowers, knowing what to choose and how many. I’ll give you a tried and true timeline to help you make sure everything is on track and minimize your stress.

In the course, I go over all the supplies you need, how to use them, and where to get them.  I’ll tell you the #1 secret tip that is going to make your DIY flower experience WAY better. I’ll show you how to process your wholesale flowers, and then arrange with over 5 different arrangement tutorials.

And there are even bonus modules that walk you through where to buy your flowers, how to save the most money, where DIY flowers go wrong, the latest flower trends, and floral design basics. As you work through the modules there are multiple worksheets that help you develop a full DIY flower plan for success. And several reference guides and recipe cards for quick and easy flower selection.



Your peace of mind, your time, and your flower success are all worth investing in. Take action and make your DIY flower dreams a reality.

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